Lumiedge Under Eye Gel

Eyes play a significant role when it comes to judging
someone’s age. Dark Circles | Puffiness | Crow Feet Wrinkles
in the eye area, all portray an older appearance.

We offering you a single solution to tackle all the under-eye problems with LUMIEDGE UNDER EYE GEL with added advantages of carrot extract which is rich in vitamin A thus stimulates and rejuvenates the delicate skin under the eyes.

Alfalfa extract provides firmness to eye contour by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and tomato extract contains lycopene which reduces dark discolouration under eyes.

Product Details

Lumiedge Under Eye Gel has chenopodium extract which shows anti-dark circles action within 28 days also strengthens the capillaries and maintains skin elasticity.

Fruit extract helps in vascularization of lymphatic vessels also improves epidermal barrier function and improves dull skin tone.

Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 increases collagen synthesis by 76%, reduces visible wrinkles in 84 days and helps in hyaluronic synthesis.

  • dark circles
  • puffiness
  • crow feet wrinkles


Luliconazole            1.0% w/w

How to use