Anti Fungal Cream

Kezil Cream

  • Erase the fungal infection with aurel derma kezil cream. It ensures the complete eradication of fungal infections.
  • It minimizes the rates of recurrence rates of infection to 4% after six months of treatment.
  • Also exhibits anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative activity.

Product Details

Kezil cream consists of ketoconazole which is a broad spectrum anti fungal agent. It is active against dermatophytes, candida and malassezia spp. Also provides clinical cure rates of 95% and 84% in seborrheic dermatitis and tinea versicolor respectively.

  • Treats dermatophytes infection
  • Cutaneous candidiasis
  • pityriasis versicolor
  • seborrheic dermatitis


Ketoconazole                 IP        2.0% w/w

How to use

As directed by the Physician.