Duco-F Soap

Aurel derma’s Duco-F bar is a potent anti-fungal and deodorant bar. If your body odour spoils your day, then it is recommended for you.

Duco-F Soap acts by minimizing the sweat build up in the body and prevents the re-establishment of fungus in the affected area.

Duco-F bar helps in maintaining skin’s integrity and prevents external fungal infections.


Product Details

Duco-F Medicated Soap consists of Clotrimazole which shows the antifungal effect.

It is better than Sertaconazole in maintaining minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) against fungus, causing seborrheic dermatitis.


Clotrimazole     I.P.         1%w/w

How to use

  • For best result, wet the affected parts thoroughly
  • Massage Duco-F Soap liberally to make a rich lather
  • Leave lather for several minutes
  • Rinse with water and repeat

Or use as directed by the physician.