Elavel Bar

  • Elavel Moisturising Bar is a syndet based soap-free bar with the added goodness of shea butter.
  • It’s ph 5.5 helps maintain the skin’s protective layer and keep it hydrated.
  • Mineral oils improve skin softness and barrier function better than other emollients.

Product Details

Elavel Moisturising Bar consists of shea butter, mineral oil and syndet base. Shea butter possesses excellent emollient and moisturizing properties for the skin. Mineral oil improves skin softness and barrier function better than emolients.
Syndet base helps in maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier. Also keeps the PH 5.5 that helps to maintain skin’s protective layer and keeps it hydrated. It is suitable for sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic.


Syndet Base, Perfume, Mineral Oil, IPM, Shea Butter, B.H.T.,

How to Use

Use it as a normal soap for the whole body or on affected area.