Scabiedge Soap

Scabiedge is a medicated Soap used as an adjuvant remedy for treating scabies. It contains Permethrin and Cetrimide which are used as anti-parasitic medicament to treat irruption of lice, ticks, fleas, and mites on the scalp of skin.


Product Details

Scabiedge medicated soap is the combination of permethrin and cetrimide.

Permethrin is most effective in treating scabies. As pyrethroid, it paralyzes nerves of Sarcoptes scabiei, ultimately causing its death. Also, it is safe for children.

Cetrimide acts as a local anti-infective agent, which helps to prevent skin infection.

Safe in children.


Permethrin and Cetrimide

How to use

Use Scabiedge Medicated Soap as prescribed by your doctor.

Work up a lather with the Scabiedge and apply it on the infected areas of the skin. Keep it for some minutes and then wash thoroughly.

Use once or twice a day for 4-10 days or as per your doctor’s advice.