Skinjoy Collagen Shots

Collagen, the body’s most abundant protein, is often referred to as the body’s “building blocks.” It naturally exists in the skin but begins to break down as a result of ageing or premature exposure to environmental or lifestyle factors.
Created with outstanding ingredients like Wellnex Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, Aurel Skinjoy Collagen Shots is a ready-to-use drink that protects the skin from collagen and elastin degradation and encourages skin cell regeneration and restoration. It promotes the growth of new cells to reduce the appearance of early ageing signs- wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, saggy skin, etc.

Available as: 12/0.41fl.oz.

Product Details

Aurel Skinjoy Collagen Shots is the most convenient way to nourish the skin from within to restore the skin’s elasticity and structure, resulting in smoother and firmer skin.

It contains Wellnex Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides which are clinically proven to help reduce the visible signs of skin ageing, boost collagen formation, along with improving hair thickness and support nail growth.


Welinex Bioactive Hydrolyzed
Collagen Peptide (3.3gm), Diluent: Sucrose, Sweetener (INS 950), Humectant (INS 422), Sequestrant (INS 386), Acidity regulator (INS 211, INS 330), Used approved class II preservatives and Purified water.

How to Use

  • Shake the bottle before drinking the contents.